The Oregon Chapter of the Foundation for Wild Sheep (OR FNAWS) has a short, but proud history. Established in November 1998, the purpose of the Foundation is to promote and enhance populations of indigenous wild sheep in Oregon and across North America. 

Our Mission

Oregon FNAWS is vigorously involved in the conservation, propagation, protection and intensive management of wild sheep and mountain goat populations and their habitat in Oregon.

To maintain and enhance Oregon’s wild sheep and mountain goat populations Oregon FNAWS will:

  • Develop and support projects that include transplants and re-establishment of wild sheep and mountain goats into suitable habitat.

  • Enhance habitat through funded projects and hands-on projects.

  • Provide funding for biological studies and research projects affecting wild sheep and mountain goats.

  • Educate and work with the public and appropriate agencies and elected officials about issues impacting wild sheep and mountain goats.

  • Oregon FNAWS believes that predator control is an important tool in maintaining and establishing new populations of wild sheep and mountain goats. Oregon FNAWS will make those views known to appropriate parties.

  • Maintain an active and growing membership that carries out the mantra of “Putting Sheep on the Mountain”. Oregon FNAWS will publish a quarterly newsletter and maintain a website for members, and the general public.

  • Raise funds for sheep and goat projects, disease research, education and other activities. Please see our website for additional information on our annual fundraiser, a dinner and auction held each spring.

  • Oregon FNAWS believes in hunters’ rights and hunters’ responsibilities.

  • Additional activities include record keeping for Oregon sheep and mountain goats with the help of ODFW and Boone and Crocket and Pope and Young, an information site for the health and status of all Oregon populations as well as potential transplant sites. Additionally, Oregon FNAWS expects to partner with other organizations in support of wild sheep and mountain goats.

What We've Achieved


Joe Josephson - Lifetime Achievement

2006 Vic Coggins

2007 Larry Jacobs

2008 Larry Hunts

2009 Walt Van Dyke

Certificate of Apprecitation

2006 George Pace

Generous Supporters

2019 Nick Berg

2019 Lowa Boots

Grass Roots Award (National FNAWS)

2007 Gail and Chuck Woosley

Service Award

2004 Brent Silver

2005 Tom Thomsen

2006 Liane Vest

2007 Mike Boethin

2008 Jeff Mornarich

2009 George Houston

2019 Ellen Campbell

2019 Dave Geelan

2019 Larry Jacobs

2019 Larry Sides