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We are vigorously involved in the conservation, propagation and intensive management of the remaining Oregon wild sheep populations and their habitats. The Foundation annually funds a wide variety of meaningful and essential projects.
Listed below are some of the projects that the Oregon Chapter of the Foundation for North American Sheep has funded.
  • Lower Deschutes Thistle Cut
  • Helicopter time for disease testing
  • Disease testing for transplants
  • Guzzler Projects
  • Leslie Gulch
  • Transplants
  • California Bighorn lungworm treatment
  • Ivermectin Feed for control of scabies
  • Lostline Wildlife burn
  • Hells Canyon Radio Collars and Tracking
  • Wallowa Weed Control
  • John Day and Deschutes Salting
  • Mt. Goat Telemetry - Wallowa Mountains
  • Malheur District Survey
  • West John Day Survey
  • Alaska Lawsuit
  • Baker District Sheep Survey
  • Leslie Gulch Bighorn Monitoring
  • Seedlings
  • Hells Canyon Initiative
  • Emergency Fund for Disease Emergencies
  • GPS Tracking Collar - Columbia River Mountain Goat Reintroduction
If you have questions or would like to propose a project that fits with our mission please see our Contact page under the heading "PROJECTS".
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