Oregon FNAWS
About Us - Officers
The Oregon Chapter of the Foundation for Wild Sheep (OR FNAWS) has a short, but proud history. Established in November 1998, the purpose of the Foundation is to promote and enhance populations of indigenous wild sheep in Oregon and across North America.
We are vigorously involved in the conservation, propagation and intensive management of wild sheep populations and their habitats. We annually fund a wide variety of meaningful and essential programs for the professional management of these populations. Our strength is in our field orientation, we want to do what is right for wild sheep populations and their habitat.
The following members are responsible for implementing the Mission Statement of the Oregon Chapter of the Foundation for North American Wild Sheep.
President:Walter ChuckPlease enable Javascript
Vp1:Tom PetersonPlease enable Javascript
Vp2:Dave GeelanPlease enable Javascript
Secretary:Robert WelshPlease enable Javascript
Treasurer:Alan DayPlease enable Javascript
Past president:Larry JacobsPlease enable Javascript
1999 - 2000:Lee Martin
2001 - 2002:Denny Ferguson
2003 - 2004:Jane Hunts
2005 - 2006:Larry Jacobs
2007 - 2008:George Houston
2009 - 2010:Larry Hunts
2011 - 2012:Mike Boethin
2013 - 2014:Larry Hunts
2015 - 2016:George Houston
2017 - 2018:Larry Jacobs
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