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About Us - E.E.Wilson Outdoor Youth Day 2009
FNAWS Participates in Outdoor Youth Day
The 7th annual Youth Outdoor Day was a big success and the Oregon Chapter of FNAWS was represented there by member volunteers who shared a wide range of wild sheep information to hundreds of curious youngsters.
Tom Peterson and crew set up a canopy that served as a perfect display area as well as providing much needed shade on a very hot day. There was a myriad of sheep items for the kid’s inspection including shoulder mounts of a Rocky Mt ram and Rocky Mt goat and of course old #44 - the groups’ full body Bighorn Ram mount. One sheep mount was fitted with a radio telemetry collar (provided by Corvallis ODFW) and positioned by a map display showing the actual monthly locations of the ram for a number of years prior to the hunter’s harvest. Posters of the four species of sheep, photos of FNAWS projects, and photos of Oregon rams lined the exterior of the canopy. A TV was set up to show video of past conservation projects.
There were also activity book handouts, pins for the kids, and a science wheel that calculates things like the gestation period for various species of wildlife
The kids nearly always gravitated to the “hands on” stuff that they could actually touch and sometimes smell. Items of special interest were Bighorn ram and ewe skulls, wild sheep hides, a black bear rug, and perhaps the biggest hit was the pile of actual and in the “raw” bighorn feet and legs.
The Youth Outdoor Day is organized by the Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation and ODFW. The event offers an array of hands-on activities where kids can experience and learn about wildlife conservation, hunting, fishing, wilderness survival and the great outdoors. A few of the many sponsors with programs were RMEF, OHA, Safari Club, Ducks Unlimited, and Oregon Trout. This year it was held on May 30 at the E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area near Corvallis and had 751 kids participating.
The Youth Day certainly isn’t just for boys and I’m pretty sure that more girls came through our booth. Not only that, it was good to see many Moms bringing their children to the event.
FNAWS volunteers were organizer Tom Peterson (Chairman of Youth Hunting), Jerry Simmons, George Houston, Vern Keller, Larry Jacobs, and Alan Day. Amy Sides did a great job printing the activity books and donated the entire cost. Thank you Amy!! The canopy was loaned to us by the Simmons Financial Group in Hermiston, OR.
Although this was FNAWS’ first year as a sponsor, the event went very well and plans are underway to sponsor and participate next year. Volunteers are welcome! Also, if you have anything to lend including Rocky Mt Goat items let us know. Contact Tom Peterson at 503 628-2352.
The Youth Day project (as well as future projects) was funded at this year’s banquet by contributors of the Frenzy Auction. Thank you all!!
Thanks also goes to ODFW personnel Vic Coggins, Craig Foster, and Christine Hurst for contributing items for the wild sheep display.
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