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News - Deschutes Woosley Tract 2017
FNAWS Lower Deschutes Wildlife Area
Woosley Tract volunteer project participants
Project dates: June 3 and 4, 2017
The plan is to build two buck and pole fences around a developed spring and pond on the new piece of the wildlife area. We will later do a shrub planting within one of the enclosures and also plan to plant willows around the enclosed pond. The fence will be approximately 800 feet in length and will keep cattle out of the plantings as they get established. I am unsure of how long this will take but it could potentially go up pretty quick once we get rolling. The back-up plan if we finish early is to continue building more buck and pole fence below the pond until we run out of posts(we will have extra posts).
Jobs will include:
  • cutting 12 foot posts into thirds for bottom of "bucks"
  • notching(with chainsaw) 5 inch posts to be used as A-frames(bucks). We will have around half of them done already so we can get the fence started. 2 groups of 2 people will work on this.
  • attaching pairs of 5 inch posts for A-frames using timber screws. Also attaching 4 foot sections to bottom of A-frames.
  • attaching rails to A-frames using timber screws.
  • moving rails and A-frames around perimeter of fence to crew attaching rails.
We will all meet at ODFW The Dalles field office at 9:00 AM on June 3 and consolidate as few vehicles as possible to travel to the site. Address is 3701 W 13th Street. We will work on the fence throughout the afternoon and finish the following day. We will also do a sheep survey above Beavertail to look at lamb ratios at this lambing site. There is an old hunting cabin near the project site where we will be camping. There is room for people to sleep on cots inside of the cabin and room around the cabin to have tents and cots (if the forecast is good). ODFW will provide all food. Bring "beverages" of your choice for the evening. Also bring binoculars, headlamps, camping gear, work gloves... We will be leaving the wildlife area Sunday once we finish the fence or run out of energy posts.
All of the fence will be attached with 6 inch timber screws. Could any interested volunteers bring good drills and extra charged batteries? Let me know if you will bring something when you RSVP. We will have a generator there with battery charging ports to charge spent batteries, but would like to have as many drills and batteries as possible to not halt the process.
Please contact me with any questions. Thank you all for your help with this project. I see lots of potential for more of these buck and pole projects to enhance riparian areas on the property.
Andrew Rosenberg
Assistant District Wildlife Biologist
ODFW The Dalles
3701 W 13th St
The Dalles, OR 97058
541 296 4628 ext 325
541 298 4993 fax#
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