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Shelby's Ram
Oregon, Aldrich 2011
By Laurie Byerly
To all. We hunted hard for three days, had a failed stalk opening day, we had rams in the trees at 60 yards but no good shot and little time. On the afternoon of the third day we picked up a helper "Walker Powell", he has hunted the area with his dad and knows it well. I spotted a group of rams across canyon and we decided to go after them. It was about 6:00 pm so daylight going away quickly. We side hilled around above the bedded rams and back tracked a couple of times until we were able to sneak in above them at about 150 yards in a Mahogany patch. The rams had stood up and were looking at us. The ram she shot was perfectly broadside, she took a quick rest on a tree and fired, the ram did not react. I was sure she had hit him, the hillside exploded with six running rams. We lost sight of them and I quickly hiked back to Travis and our packs (Flashlights) while Walker and Shelby looked for blood before we lost all daylight.
By the time I reached Trav it was dark, we hiked down to Shelby and Walker where they had found blood, but no ram. After following the wounded ram for 100-150 yards we lost the blood trail. We had called for Laurie to drive in on a ranch road and were pondering what to do next we certainly did not want to leave the ram overnight because the meat would spoil. After a few minutes, Walker happened to make a 30-40 yard circle and found the ram dead not 30 yards from us. Shelby had made a perfect one shot kill and hit the ram right behind the shoulder, he still ran about 200 yards. He ended up being 5-1/2 years old and scored 146-3/8″ we were hoping for a little larger ram, but he is a great trophy for a 14 year old girl's second big game animal ever. We got some help packing him off the hill and got into camp at 1:30 a.m. that night/morning. Thanks to all of our friends that graciously took the time to come over and help on Shelby's once ? in-a-lifetime Oregon Ram hunt.
A very proud dad.
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