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Lance Albert 1
Successful BHS Hunt, Oregon 2011
By Lance Albert
What a great opportunity to spend quality time with the family by hunting Oregon bighorn sheep. My wife and our 2 daughters wanted to tend camp while the 2 boys along with Grandpa went out scouting and working the Owyee rims for the best Ram possible. The 2 boys and I located a nice herd of 15 Rams in one bunch. Grandpa located several Ewes.
We were linking back up with Grandpa; as we moved up on top of the rim, we all came across two nice Rams by themselves. We glassed them for awhile and decided that the bigger Ram was worthy of taking so we made a nice stock by checking the wind and using rock piles as cover, when we thought we were close enough I ranged them and the range finder said 198 yards.
Lance Albert 2
Using the only rifle I use to harvest game I knew my .300 WIN. Mag. would sink the big Ram, I made sure not to hit him in the cape area as I placed my cross hairs on his lower back lungs easing the trigger back and controlling my breathing, the recoil gave me a little push and the Ram fell where he was at.
ODFW in Ontario scored the Ram at 162 1/2 missing some bottom teeth and all, he was 9 1/2 years old.
I would like to thank OR-FNAWS and ODFW for making it come together after the deployment along with several motivated friends.
Lance Albert
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