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Hunt Stories - Alec Fransen
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Dear Liane and Tom,
Thank you so much for organizing the dall sheep hunt in Alaska last month. We had a great time climbing the hills and looking for sheep but it was extremely difficult. We saw rams every day but we never did find a legal ram. We were unable to hunt the first 2 mornings because the fog was so heavy and our guide felt that the legal rams slipped out of the area in the fog. Luckily the caribou started to move through our base camp when we were there so after 4 tough days of looking for sheep we made a stalk on a herd of caribou. I was lucky enough to shoot a nice bull. The average caribou for that area was 320 and our guide scored him at 360.
The trip was unbelievable and the guys at Deltana were the best. The country was great and my dad and I had a super time together. I'm going to attach a few photos and let me know if you'd like any more information or photos from the hunt. My dad's working on a few ideas for fundraisers at the banquet in the spring. Thanks again for all your work setting up the hunt. It really was a trip of a lifetime.
Alec Fransen
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